Ministry teams provide the support necessary for the smooth operation of HRBC as we engage in making disciples for Jesus Christ. Every ministry team's primary purpose has been aligned with a step in our discipleship process of Connect ("Come follow me") → Grow ("Live with Jesus") → Transform ("Be salt and light"). Come be a part of making disciples at HRBC. Click on each section to read about the ministry teams and contact the Member Development and Mobilization Team below to get involved.

Communications Team

Publicize the services and ministries of the church. Recommend ways to improve communications within the church body.

Decorations Team

Decorate the Sanctuary. Decorate all buildings for seasonal emphases. Decorate the Family Life Center or Multi-purpose Room for special events.

Fellowship Team

Plan and coordinate church-wide fellowships including receptions, banquets, and picnics.

Guest Services Team

Coordinate a collaborative effort among existing teams to improve the process of serving guests as they worship with us.

Security Team

Create and maintain a security plan for the church in the event of a natural disaster or act of terrorism on the congregation. Educate members responsible for its implementation.

Usher Team

Greet people as they enter and exit church services.  Usher at church services.  Prepare pews and pew racks for church services.  Hand out bulletins as needed.

Worship Care

Arrange for nursery care to be provided during regular services of the church.

Bible Study Team

Promote Bible study and small groups as a key part of disciple making at HRBC and encourage members to participate in small group study and accountability groups.

Disciple-Making Team

Help transform our congregational culture to embrace disciple making as the reason we exist as a church.  Implement strategies to support this transformation.

Member Development and Mobilization Team

Educate the members about the gifts God gives to each Christian and match the gifts and callings of members with ministry needs.

Music Team

Assist the music pastor in planning, coordinating, evaluating the music program of the church. Recommend the employment of accompanists. Take care of the musical instruments.

Audio Services Team

Operate the sound and video system during worship services and record church services.

Audit Team

Verify accuracy of financial records. Review procedures for record-keeping and processing financial transactions.

Baptist Life Team

Study Baptist church life on ideas, concepts, actions, programs, and ministries being used at other churches that are opening new mission fields to advance God's kingdom.

Child Development Center Team

Serve as an advisory team to the Child Development Center, making recommendations to the church on behalf of the CDC.

Endowment Team

Develop policies and procedures for church approval whereby property and other gifts to the Endowment Fund may be received, managed, and invested to serve future income needs.

Information Technology Team

Establish and manage an annual technology budget. Establish direction for technology, training needs, upgrade plans, etc.

Mission Strategy Team

Help cast the vision for church missions ministry and oversee all aspects of church missions work.

Ordinances Team

Assist the Pastor and baptismal candidates during baptisms. Prepare the memorial supper and maintain the trays, cups, and linens.

Personnel Team

Prepare and recommend an annual budget for church staff. Develop and recommend a salary program for the church staff.

Properties Team

Maintain the buildings and grounds of the church in good condition. Prepare budget recommendations for maintenance and development of properties and grounds equipment.

Records and Media Management Team

Identify, gather and preserve church-related minutes, documents, books, rolls, etc. needing preservation.

Stewardship Team

Prepare an annual budget. Monitor the budget and finances to support the church’s daily operations.

Tellers Team

Count and prepare monies for deposit in the church's bank accounts.

Transportation Team

Keep all church-owned vehicles in good working condition to meet the transportation needs of the church.


Prepare checks to pay salaries and bills. Maintain records of all contributions, expenses, and disbursements.

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