Jon and Tanya Parks

CBF Field Personnel – Kosice, Slovakia

The Roma are perhaps the best example of a marginalized people in the Western world. Through centuries of mutual distrust and misunderstanding, the people of Europe have pushed the “Gypsies” to the borders of society. As members of God’s Kingdom, the Roma need tools to help break the cycles that have kept them as outcasts. They need inclusion in societies that would be made so much richer by Romany gifts, culture, and heritage. They need words and actions that show that God accepts them, loves them deeply, and through the Gospel offers a grace and forgiveness that these people have been denied by others for centuries. God has given us a desire and willingness to serve others, and we want to join in the work of building God’s Kingdom among the Roma by helping to provide opportunities for education, care, and most importantly, for experiencing the love God offers them through Jesus Christ. To learn more, click here.

Larry and Sarah Ballew

CBF Field Personnel –  Macau, China

For a number of years now we have been serving people who work in the Service Industry. Macau’s economy is based on tourism and the people who work in the Service Industry (Restaurants and Hotels) make up the backbone of those who serve the tourists. Since 2007 we have been working with and through Macau Baptist Church. This church – the oldest Baptist church in Macau – is incredibly generous with us. They provide meeting space for our outreach classes as well as office space for us to use. They also give us a context through which we can introduce people to the joy of being a part of God’s people in a local way. We serve with the church as we teach a Sunday morning Bible Study class and participate in other church activities.

Ron and Melin Green

Interserve Personnel – Indonesia

Ron and Melin Green established Rural Asia Initiative in 1997 to provide opportunities for building relationships and sharing Christ among unreached people groups in South East Asia while meeting needs holistically.  The Greens work with impoverished rural communities in SE Asia primarily in the areas of agriculture, clean water, and microenterprise development.  Some of the other project areas include a scholarship program for village children, after school programs and tutoring for students, computer lessons, discipleship training, and most recently, a medical boat that navigates the busy river offering free medical care.

Greg and Helms Jerrell

QC Family Tree – Charlotte, NC

The Family Tree began as Hyaets Community in 2005. From the beginning, one of the primary characteristics of our discipleship has been our rootedness in Enderly Park. We have adopted this place as the place where we “live and work and have our being,” and our commitment is to remain here. And just as we have become adapted this place, so has this place taken us in and nourished us. The people, the massive oaks, the old buildings, and the rolling hills all gently shape our walk together. Our lives are knit together with this particular place where we live. We hope that our stability here is one way that we can please God as we grow together in discipleship. To learn more, visit their website here.