12:2 Student Ministries

12:2 Student Ministries is the student ministry of HRBC. We exists to create students who are transformed by their encounter with Jesus Christ through Worshipping, Loving, Growing, and Serving. (Romans 12:2)

We know that being a teenager is difficult and that raising a teenager can be even tougher. Our ministry is aimed at helping students become independently dependent on God by the time they graduate high school. We do this in a number of ways.


Worship:  (8:30 am and 11:00 am) We believe that students shouldn’t just be present in worship; we believe that they should be active participants in worship. We encourage students to lead in worship whether singing, reading, praying, or just helping out behind the soundboard. Students engaged in worship are students who are being transformed by worship.

Bible Study: (9:45 am) Sunday mornings between worship services we have a time of Bible Study. Students meet with peers that are their age. (middle school and high school) These studies dive into God’s word in ways that are interactive and meaningful for the students. It’s a time to grow closer to God as well as each other.  Bible Study occurs year round.

Large Group: (Sundays, 6:15 pm) Coming together for a higher energy time, students come to large group to develop community and learn what it means to be a Christ follower in their daily lives. Large group combines games, interactive prayers, and Biblical teaching to help students navigate the issues of their everyday lives. Teaching subjects tend to be more topical to help students merge their faith with the world around them. Large group happens throughout the school year.

United Praise: (Sundays, 5:00 pm) United Praise is our youth choir. Led by Phillip Brown, our minister of Music, United Praise learns music throughout the school year with the help of several adult section leaders. We sing in worship as well as in the community. Every other year we take our group on a choir tour where we sing and serve the communities that we visit. This year we will be going to the Capitol Youth Choir Conference in Washington, DC July 21-26. For more information contact Phillip Brown

Wednesday Nights:

Small Group: (Wednesdays at 6:15 pm) Small groups take the teaching of large group and helps students process it at a more personal level.  These groups are divided by age and gender. It is a time where students can pray for each other and learn how to be accountable to each other. This is a place of deeper growth for the students. It takes place during the school year.

Special Events:

Community Events: These are times for our students to build relationships with each other and have fun together. These can range from movie nights, to bowling, to scavenger hunts. The goal is to get to know each other and the leaders. Community events happen throughout the calendar year.

Retreats: Retreats are one of the best ways for students to build a community and grow closer to God. They are generally out of town trips with a specific theme. Students have a more intensive time of studying the Bible and learning about God. This is coupled with group activities and worship.

Missions and Service: Throughout the year we give students the opportunity to live out the calling of Jesus to serve one another. At HRBC we believe in intergenerational missions. We don’t have youth specific mission trips but we combine students with adults to serve their neighbors. This helps students in the growth of their faith as they, along with older generations, serve the world.

New to HRBC:  If you are new to HRBC you might be wondering, “Where do I start?” There are a number of places where new students can plug in. The easiest places happen on Sundays.(Worship, Bible Study, and Large Group). Community Events are also an excellent place to join in and get to know the leaders and other students.

Upcoming Events

Aaron Everic
Associate Pastor for
Student Ministries