Looking for a place to connect with others, grow in knowing God, and be transformed?  Adult Bible studies and discipleship groups are the primary place of connection and growth at Huguenot Road Baptist Church.  

Disciples grow through Bible study and interaction with other believers.  That’s why we encourage participation in one of 15 adult Bible studies each Sunday morning at 9:45 am.  We invite you to share in LIFE together. The acronym stands for:

  • L—Loving Relationships
  • I—Intentional Caring
  • F—Faith Formation
  • E—Empowered for Ministry

We also offer a variety of smaller discipleship groups throughout the week that focus on deeper conversations in Biblical studies and topical studies.  Take a moment to scan the following to learn more!

Sunday Bible Study

Each Sunday morning at 9:45 am, groups of adults meet to study the scriptures, to experience Christian fellowship, and to explore paths of Christian service. In this context, we do more than learn about the Bible. Our study is grounded in the confidence that God’s truths as recorded in scripture dynamically interact with the persistent needs and dreams that are a part of each person’s life. We believe the Bible can inform our thoughts, challenge our attitudes, and inspire us to action!

When you arrive on a Sunday morning, volunteers will greet you at either our main welcome center or our family welcome center.  There, you will learn about the options and locations for classes for all ages.  

Discipleship Groups

A discipleship group is designed to foster heart-to-heart relationships among participants.  In these groups, more intensive Bible study takes place, and participants lovingly hold one another accountable for their spiritual growth. Some discipleship groups require more commitment (i.e., daily preparation) than others.  

In general, discipleship groups build upon what takes place in Sunday Bible study classes and moves the learning process to a more intimate level.  Personal sharing and interaction with biblical teaching distinguishes the discipleship group from a Sunday school class.  The accountability component emphasizes living the life of a disciple and embodying the teachings of Jesus.  Adult discipleship groups intentionally “close” after a brief period of time to enable intimate sharing to take place.

Please contact our Associate Pastor for Discipleship, Matthew Hensley, if you have questions.