As our community continues to face challenging days due to the Covid-19 pandemic, HRBC is prayerfully looking for ways to join God in offering healing and hope. While there is and will continue to be much need, we know that we are called and gifted in specific ways to offer help, offer healing and to simply give our time by lending an ear. One of the first tangible ways we are asking you to help our community is by offering our First Sunday Food Offering weekly instead of monthly. There are families connected to Oregon Hill Baptist Center, South Richmond Baptist Center, New Life Arabic Baptist Church and in our own community for whom a bag of groceries is a simple reminder that people of faith love them because they bear God’s image.
While we can accept your donations at the church each Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, we also want to provide you a chance to simply leave your grocery bag on your front porch for contactless pick up by a church volunteer. We have divided our area into four zones.
  • Zone 1 includes 23112, 23113, 23114, 23120 and Powhatan. Zone 1 pick up in on Monday morning.
  • Zone 2 includes 23832, 23838, 23236, 23235, and Amelia. Zone 2 pick up is on Tuesday morning.
  • Zone 3 includes 23225, 23224, 23234, and Richmond City. Zone 3 pick up in on Wednesday morning.
  • Zone 4 includes 23831, 23836, 23237, 23834, 23803. Zone 4 pick up is on Thursday morning.
Every time you have a new bag to be picked up, please fill out the form below. Be sure to submit this form 24 hours ahead of the day your zone is scheduled for pick up. The form includes further instructions.