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Peace – December 28

A Peace Beyond Understanding                                                                           Alice Waller


The whole world was preparing for the birth of our third child—it was my secret. Wreaths and trees popped up in stores and doors and windows. Red and green were everywhere in anticipation.


Mary knew her son was the long awaited Messiah. God’s angel Gabriel gave her the plans! I, too, knew my child had a destiny designed by the Almighty.  He spoke to me three times before I could take in the message, “Are you ready to listen, yet? I have special plans for this baby.” In His infinite wisdom, he did not share with me his plans.


Our beautiful son, Jonathan, arrived on Christmas Eve Day with candles and stockings and presents all around. Christmas Day Reuben brought our daughter and son into my hospital room shared with Jonathan. All five of us together for the first time—what a gift! It was the only time. Surprisingly, Jonathan died three days later. Complications of a genetic disease the doctors said.


How could this be? God made it perfectly clear about these special plans of His. This didn’t feel very special. It was very sad and confusing. Other parents whose children had died comforted me. Gradually, I found myself reaching out to help other newly bereaved parents and participating on information panels to teach hospitals, pastors, funeral directors, first responders how best to serve grieving adults and children. In 1978 little was understood about promoting the grief process.


Suddenly, my eyes were opened, the confusion gone, peace reigned in my heart! God was using Jonathan’s death. I am part of His special plans, too. Thousands of people have been blessed by the understanding and love imparted by the short life and death of Jonathan (“God’s Gift”)! Only God can take such terrible circumstances turning them around to bring His comfort to so many.


The peace within continues to grow as new revelations are unveiled even now. His due date targeted for December 28th? — it was the date he received eternal life praising God and celebrating His love. How like God!


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