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Peace – December 25

The Prince of Peacemakers                                                                         Kate Honeycutt


Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.” Matthew 5:9 (NRSV)


About two thousand years ago a baby was born in a barn. Angels and men knew this baby as the Prince of Peace. But this baby did not grow up to lead a calm, quiet, tranquil life. The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, grew up and got to work! Jesus was the preeminent peacemaker and took action toward reconciliation. During his earthly ministry, Jesus healed the bleeding, the blind and the sick. The Prince of Peace befriended and forgave adulterers, tax collectors, and He stood up for the weak. Jesus worked to reconcile people back to their communities, and ultimately He reconciled us to God. We have been given the most wondrous gift of peace as freedom from strife between God and us.


Moreover, we must remember that this beatitude or blessing that Jesus gave is describing people of God: “us.”  We are the peacemakers. The peace given to us through Christ is not a scheme to reduce stress, but a firm belief that God’s righteousness and mercy has and will prevail. We are so then called to live out our daily lives built on this assurance of peace. Peacemaking then is not an entrance requirement, but a declaration about who we are as the people of God. We already are peacemakers through Christ and the Holy Spirit!


We know we will enter into our true inheritance one day, and so we have a commitment work now to make earth more peaceful this day. Not only by talking about the peace of Christ, but by working to make peace come about. We can work to heal our relationships, both in our families and in our society. We can stand against injustices at work between colleagues. We can help those people who are hurting and have needs right here in Chesterfield County and Richmond. Our mission is not easy, but we are fortunate to be peacemakers for the Prince of Peace and look forward to complete peace with God and God’s children in heaven.



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