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Joy – December 23

JOY…at Christmas                                                                                  Stephen Tayman


 They asked each other,

“Were not our hearts burning within us

while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”

Luke 24:32

So Phillip Brown emails and asks me to put a few paragraphs together for the HRBC Christmas devotional relating to Joy at Christmas. Here you go…

After 2 hours and 54 minutes of visualizing as many of the previous 47 Christmas’ that I could remember, It dawned on me that one the greatest Christmas Joy experiences of my life was a mere 12 months ago. Yep. December 2016.


I like the fact that God made me think and dig deep for this one.


It started out as more of an “Anti-Joy” kind of morning. I woke up on Sunday and more or less threatened my two teenaged sons to be dressed and ready to go to the river immediately after early Church service to take some pictures to have framed for their mother’s Christmas present. According to them, this was a dumb idea.


When they got into the truck, it was non-stop arguing, complaining, and yelling the entire way to Pony Pasture – by the Huguenot Bridge. Could this day possibly get any less “Joyous”? Oh yeah. It started raining. I told them that we were going to take pictures out on the rocks even if someone slipped and fell into the James. They reluctantly got out of the truck and that’s where it began. The damp, cold river air silenced them. The mist over the water and wet rocks was breath-taking. There were kayakers out there! For the next hour and a half we climbed around on the rocks and along the banks taking picture after picture. Soaked and cold, we went home and compared photos to decide which ones were the best. The next day Mick and I bought a bunch of frames at the mall and printed out our favorite photos at Costco. On Christmas Eve, we trimmed and framed and wrapped while giddy with anticipation.


Mom’s reaction upon opening them on Christmas morning… Tears of JOY!

I would describe the Joy I experienced while rock hopping in the rain down by the river with my boys and witnessing my wife’s reaction on Christmas morning as God Lighting a Fire in My Heart.


My prayer for everyone this Christmas… May God Light A Fire In Your Heart



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