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Advent: Hope – December 3



Hebrews 10:23.  “Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.”

Hope is both necessary and fragile.  Life without hope is a melancholy prospect, but life with hope can be risky, too.  Let’s say you plan a vacation, hoping the weather will be nice.  It comes around, and the weather is awful!  You hope to get a promotion at work that you’re worked really hard for, but your boss gives it to someone else.  You hope to get a role in the school play, and you tried your best, but you aren’t cast.  Dreams and plans and expectations are crushed.  Hope can be risky.  However, as Christians, we love and serve a God who gives us a reason to hope anyway.  He is a faithful God, and His promises are always “yes and amen!”

A phrase that the Lord has been teaching me a lot in the past year is “expectationless expectancy.”  Expectationless expectancy is like seeing presents appear under the Christmas tree.  We can be assured that there are gifts to open, but we don’t know what to expect on the inside!  Living in expectationless expectancy looks like believing – knowing – that God is going to fulfill His promises or is going to be active in your life, but not putting limits or expectations on what fulfillment will look like.  Expectationless expectancy inspires hope and gives freedom.

God’s people were promised a Messiah long before Jesus was born.  His people waited in expectant hope for God to bring into the world this King who would bring restoration, peace, and prosperity to their oppressed nation.  Many of them expected Him to be a powerful king or warrior.  They had high expectations!  When Jesus came, He wasn’t recognized as the Messiah by many because of their expectations (despite many many prophecies that don’t line up with those expectations). During this Advent season, we join them in expectant hope for Hope (in Jesus) to be born.  Let’s not let our expectations to get in the way of seeing Jesus in our own lives!

We already have received Jesus in full, so we have seen their promises fulfilled.  What promises has God made to you or your family that you are still waiting to see come to fulfillment?  Are you hoping to start a family? Receive a calling? Experience financial freedom? See a loved one come to know Jesus?  Take a moment to think about the promises the Lord has declared over you.  Then meditate on the Truth that God keeps His promises to you.  Move forward with expectationless expectancy!

Optional: listen to and meditate on “Yes and Amen” by Housefires and “Take Courage” by Bethel.

Jessica Torres, Guatemala

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