Not a Fan Series


What does a fan look like? A fan generally sits on the side of the action and cheers along. If their team is doing well, they are more active. They cheer louder if life is good. But if their team starts to do poorly, the often sit down and remain quiet. If a team is really bad, some fans will pack up and leave altogether.  

We find that a lot of people in the church are like that. They are fans of Jesus when things are going well. They like to come to church, listen to Christian music, and maybe even read a devotion guide. But in the end, when things get tough they sit quietly or get up and leave altogether.  

We want our students to not just be fans of Jesus. We want them to be followers of Jesus. In the book of Luke, Jesus talks about how we are called to pick up our crosses and follow Him.  

This first series of Elevate will dive into this idea of being a follower instead of being a fan. Each week we will talk about how whether or not we are fans or followers. Our students will be challenged to truly follow Jesus. 

So for the next few weeks, ask your student what they have learned about being a fan of Jesus vs. being a follower of Jesus. It might be good to ask yourself the same thing! 


In Christ,