Get Dirty!

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We finished up the Not a Fan series and students were asking themselves the question, "Am I a fan of Jesus or am I truly a follower of Jesus?" How do you follow up that series? That seems to hit it all, doesn't it?

Well we have to move on because we have roughly 20 some weeks of the year left to cover! So we are moving on to the series, "Get Dirty". This series will talk about the next step of being a follower of Jesus. It means that we can't live this perfect clean and comfortable life. Sometimes we have to get dirty.  

This might mean literally getting dirty by going on a mission trip and serving by doing labor for people. It might be more figurative in that it might mean that we need to start having awkward conversations with people about why we follow Christ.  

I would encourage you to do two things.

1. Ask your student how they can follow Jesus by getting dirty in their school. Ok that's probably a weird question to ask your kid, but you can phrase it however you want. 

2. Find ways for your family to "get dirty" by serving others in the next few weeks. The ultimate way to have your kids follow Jesus is to model it for them. As much as I'd like to think that my ministry makes the most difference, the truth is that YOUR ministry is what means the most to your children!


Take care and Get Dirty!