The Manger of the Messiah-Part Three: "There is Room at the Manger"

Scripture References:

John 3:16-17(NCV)

John 6:35-40

Worship Bulletin 12/11/2016

Sermon Notes:

“There is Room at the Manger”

John 6:35-40

Part Three of “The Manger of the Messiah”

December 11, 2016


Key Thought: God’s will is for every person to come to believe.   There is room at the manger for everyone who comes. (see John 6:40)


Questions to Ponder:


1.   Will you at least give God a CHANCE?


2.   Will you MAKE ROOM in your heart for God? 


3.   Will you do an EGO check?  We can either:


·        Edge God Out  


·        Exalt God Only