"Is Jesus Lord?"

Scripture Reference:

Psalm 46

Worship Bulletin 11/13/16

Sermon Notes:

“Is Jesus Lord?”

Psalm 46

November 13, 2016

By Dr. Bob Lee


What does the term, “Lord” mean?


·        Old Testament term: Adonai

·        New Testament term: Kurios


In the above terms there is an implied KINGSHIP: “to rule, to be sovereign, to own or to be in control.”  A person would respect, revere and serve their king.


1.   Lordship is identified with being a Christian.  It is yielding CONTROL of our lives to God. (Romans 10:9)


2.   Lordship is a work of the HOLY SPIRIT in our lives. (1 Cor. 12:3)


3.   If Jesus is Lord over all, we must remember that WE are NOT. (Psalm 46:10)


Questions: Does God rule in all aspects of my life? Do others see this? Am I willing to do what is just and right in this world?