"The Rivah" Part Eight: The River of Life

Scripture References:

Revelation 22:1-2

John 4:14

Worship Bulletin for 7/26/15

Sermon Notes:

“The River of Life”

Rev. 22:1-2; John 4:14

Part 8 of “The Rivah”

A Series on Rivers in the Bible

July 26, 2015


Key Thought: The purpose of the River of Life is to bear fruit and to heal.  This river has within it four “currents” that run through us:


1.     The current of INNOCENCE.  Human life flows from heaven to earth.  It begins with child-like trust.


2.     The current of HEALING in times of hurt. (John 4:14)


3.     The current of CHOICE: continually choosing to live. (Deut. 30:19)


4.     The current of RESURRECTION: winning by letting go.