It's Not About Me

Scripture References:

John 13:1-15

Mark 9:35

Worship Bulletin 4/26/15

Sermon Notes

“It’s Not About Me”

Part Three of “I am a Church Member Series”

Mark 9:35 April 26, 2015


Steps from a “Me-Attitude” to a “We-Attitude”


1.      Get Over Your SELFIE. – Luke 15:31


2.      Have a HEART for Others. – Luke 10:33


3.      Take a TOWEL. – John 13:15


4.      Have the MIND of Christ. – Phil. 2:5





I am a church member.  I will not let my church be about my preferences and desires. That is self-serving. I am a member in this church to serve others and to serve Christ. My Savior went to a cross for me. I can deal with any inconveniences and matters that just aren’t my preference or style.