Come to Worship--Part One

Scripture References:

Isaiah 40:1-5

Matthew 2:1-2

Psalms 63:1-4

Worship Bulletin 11/29/15

Sermon Notes:

Sermon Notes

“Lift Your Hands”

Part 1 of “Come to Worship” Series

Matthew 2:1-2; Psalm 63:1-4

November 29, 2015


Lifting our hands is a POSTURE of worship.  Throughout biblical history, lifting one’s hands was a RESPONSE to God’s presence.


Four ways we lift our hands to God in worship:


1)    We lift our hands to show our LOVE to God. (Psalm 63:1-4)


2)    We lift our hands to REACH OUT to God. (James 4:8a)


3)    We lift our hands as an OFFERING of praise. (Psalm 141:1-2)


4)    We lift our hands in life’s BATTLES. (Ex. 17:10-13)