Grief Support Group offered at HRBC

Grief is normal.  Following the death of someone close or another significant loss, many emotions and reactions arise--some overwhelming, some unexpected.  Sometimes it may seem that grief will never end.
Relationships are complicated and unique; the same is true of grief. It may be helpful to join others in the process of grieving, too. The death or other loss may have occurred many years ago but recently triggered. Join us as you are able the first and third Monday of each month starting June 5, 7-8:30pm at Huguenot Road Baptist Church.  This support group is open to those within HRBC’s fellowship as well as community members. If you have questions or if your grief is fresh, please call Alice Waller (leave message), 804-794-1136.
Our own Alice Waller will facilitate this group.  She is a certified thanatologist and has extensive experience with grief and in helping individuals and groups with grief resolution.