Community Garden

Last year, the staff undertook a creative and gratifying task of growing a small garden in the back of the church building.  The “salsa garden,” - tomatoes, peppers, onions and spices grew beyond our expectations!  Many congregants, however, didn’t know the garden existed!  

We plan to continue this practice again this summer.  But, why grow a garden?  Well, for one, it is a creative and therapeutic activity that the staff enjoys.  Often, in ministry, we work in the intangible areas of people’s lives.  There is much we cannot control, but rather must earn to trust God. It is gratifying to see tangible results.  Second, God creates each of us as creative beings and gives us his world to tend and re-create for the common good.  We hope that a simple garden is a testament to that.  Third, we hope that church members will be inspired.  Like the young girl in Seedfolks (Paul Fleischman, Harper Trophy), we hope that tending a garden inspires our congregation to creatively engage God’s creation for the common good of our neighborhood.  So, as Christ followers, how can we be a creative force for the common good, using God’s resources, for the Woodmont and Bon Air communities?