Charlotte and Oswley Mission Experience

This summer the Ends of the Earth team is offering two mission experience opportunities for church members.  June 26 - July 1, a team will work with Family Tree in Charlotte, NC, as they operate Freedom School for inner city children.  This summer camp focuses on reading and writing and helps teach kids about their history.  If home renovation and repair is more your thing, another group will work on projects in apartments that Family Tree owns.  To learn more, click HERE.   To inquire about participating, email Matthew Hensley.

 July 16-23, after Vacation Bible School is complete, the Owsley mission team will pack a trailer full of VBS materials and tools and set off for Owsley County, in the mountains of eastern Kentucky.  In Booneville, the county seat, the team engages with the community through light construction projects on area homes, serves in the food pantry, and offers VBS each night at LeRose Baptist Church.  VBS attendees are also fed a meal each night, which is open for children, youth, and adults.  The Booneville community looks forward to our return each year, as many of our members have developed relationships with the community there.  To learn more and inquire about participating, email Jennie Raugh.