You never know . . .

A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful privilege of standing with Kelly Sparks as she made public her desire to follow Jesus with all parts of her heart and life, presenting herself for baptism and membership in HRBC. I always have an overwhelming feeling of small-ness and gratitude when God allows me to see, up close, the work of the Holy Spirit in and through someone’s life.

As I stood there with Kelly, introducing her to all of you, I was overwhelmed by something else, too. It was so very clear to me, in those brief moments, the number of prayers and hours of teaching from YOU that helped Kelly be ready to respond to God’s invitation

Over and over, I would ask Kelly if she knew you. Sometimes she would nod and smile, other times, she would shake her head and wait for me to tell her your name. Again and again and again, even if Kelly didn’t remember a name, I would hear you say, “Oh, I know Kelly. I taught her in preschool Sunday School.” Or, “You may not remember me, but I remember you. I taught you in Vacation Bible School.”

Thank you, wonderful people, for the ways you invest your days and hours in the lives of so many young people. Every minute you pour in has rewards you may never see or realize. I pray you continue this important, good, selfless, God-focused work! ~ Amanda Lott