Wednesday Night Fellowship Dinners

Recently, many have been asking, “When will we resume Wednesday evening fellowship dinners?”  The frequency of the question tells staff that this weekly dinner is missed and consequently, enjoyed.  It wasn’t just the good food or the convenience.  People really enjoyed seeing each other and sharing a meal together each mid-week.


So, when will the weekly meal return?  The easy answer is: when the church has established a team and process to most effectively handle the logistics of preparing, serving, and cleaning up from a weekly meal. The preparing should be the easiest – many of you have offered names of caterers you know of who could do a great job preparing a tasty and healthy meal at a good price.


But we need to be prepared in other areas before rolling out our weekly meals again.  We need a dedicated process in place to serve and clean up after our weekly meals.  We had great volunteers over the fall we could count on but that list needs to grow.  We will need four teams of at least five people to make the beverages, serve the meal, and do minimal food clean-up.  This would require serving one Wednesday a month.  We also need a couple of organizers: those who can work with our fellowship team leader to be sure our pantry is well stocked with the needed paper items, to be a contact with our caterer and to be sure that each team is ready to serve. 

Finally, we as a staff want to learn more from the congregation.  How is holding a mid-week dinner helpful?  What do you like about it?  Is the time frame we currently offer helpful?  Do you need more time?  Expect to be engaged with questions like this in your classes and groups over the next quarter.  Aided with this extra information and with a team of enthusiastic volunteers, the church will be well positioned to offer weekly meals beginning next September.  To inquire about volunteering, please contact Matthew Hensley