Students Study Lent

On Sunday mornings during Lent, our students will also be learning about Lent and what it means for us as Christians today. We will take 5 weeks to cover lessons on Lent. Our hope is to help teenagers learn how to prepare their hearts for the reality of Good Friday and Easter. Our entire faith rests on the resurrection of Jesus Christ so it’s important for everyone to learn how to prepare each year to celebrate what God has done through Christ.

This spring the students at HRBC are diving into a series on Wednesday nights entitled HABITS. Each week we are covering a habit that can help the students grow in their relationships with God. The goal is to provide students with the tools they need to have an authentic growing relationship with God through Jesus. The weeks are:

H - Hanging out with God     (Quiet time, prayer)

A - Accountability

B - Bible memorization

I - Involving yourself in the church

T - Tithing

S - Studying scripture (deeper Bible study)

Each of these are essential in a student’s growing faith. You can help by praying for our students,