Holy Week, March 20-27, 2016

Our week begins with triumphant Palm Sunday worship celebrations on the 20th. No evening activities will be held on Wednesday, the 23rd.  On Maundy Thursday the 24th, we will gather in the sanctuary to worship and remember our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in His Last Supper. On Good Friday, the 25th, the offices are closed but there will be a self-guided “Stations of the Gospels” experience from 12:00 noon until 3:00 pm. This will take place in the multi-purpose rooms and the sanctuary. This is a “come and go as you are ready” experience. On the 27th, we will celebrate Jesus’ Easter Sunday resurrection in both services. Please bring
fresh cut flowers from your yard and home to adorn the cross in the courtyard. Potted flowers to adorn the sanctuary Easter celebration will be made
available for purchase in memory or in honor of a loved one in the weeks
prior to Holy Week. Be watching the bulletin and announcements for
more information. Additionally, we will have many opportunities to serve our
CARITAS guests throughout Holy Week from the 19
th – 26th.