HRBC Begins New Deacon Nomination Process

The Deacon Nominating Team is requesting your help. We are looking for your recommendations of those who should be asked to serve as Huguenot Road Baptist deacons for a 3-year term, beginning January 2017. Please share with the Team those persons you recommend who are already ordained but not serving with the current board and those you wish to recommend to be considered as an apprentice deacon for future ordination.


Nomination forms are available at each Welcome Center and H E R E You may (1) place your nomination form(s) in the offering plate during worship, (2) place them in the labeled box in the Narthex, (3) leave them with the receptionist in the church office, or (4) hand them to a member of the Deacon Nominating Team: Richard Martin, chair; David Cornelius, Lesley Montgomery, Martha Parker, Lois Simmons, Wendell Thomas and Samuel Thornton.