Spiritual Gifts Ministry Update

In the last year, the Spiritual Gifts Ministry Team developed a spiritual gifts training program and offered the program to our congregation.  We also identified opportunities for service and paired those opportunities with spiritual gifts that are well suited for the positions.  So then, what is left for the team?  In the coming months, as our team continues to work on our long term goals, the congregation should be on the lookout for more information from our team through The Milepost, addressing a number of areas.

· What do the spiritual gifts look like? 

· How are the spiritual gifts used? 

· Who do we know that uses their spiritual gifts and how are they doing so? 

As you can see, we want to turn to a more practical study of our spiritual gifts, learning more detail about each of the gifts and seeing how our members are using their own gifts.  We hope this next phase inspires each member of our           congregation to put his or her own gift into use in service of God’s kingdom!