Growing our Youth

Growing Leaders

Over the past couple of years, the student ministries here at HRBC has graduated a number of student leaders. You might have noticed that the average age of our students has gone down to somewhere around 8th grade. At first this was alarming to us, but we quickly saw an amazing opportunity. When you have lots of young students, you have a unique opportunity to grow leaders. That’s our goal in 12:2 Ministries: to grow student leaders in the church. We’ve never been much on overall numbers. But we have been big on seeing how students grow closer to God. This has translated into them growing into being leaders. Over the years we’ve seen students agree to serve in worship. We’ve seen the shyest student agree to give a testimony in front of 250 people. We’ve seen self-focused kids learn to live for others. And we’ve see God work in their lives so much that they can’t help but tell others. So when people ask me about our ministry, I tell them we are in a great position to watch God grow leaders!

Developing Good Habits 

One way we are growing leaders is to teach them how to grow in their relationships with God. Our first series in January is a series called HABITS. Each week we take a look at a different discipline for growing closer to God.

Developing Habits That Will Change Your Life:

Week 1 - Spending time with God
Week 2 - Accountability
Week 3 - Bible Memorization
Week 4 -  Getting Involved
Week 5 - Tithing