Food Trucks Continue

May brought the return of our Food Truck Court community event— a way in which we can be good neighbors to the community through good food, music, and fellowship.  This event will continue through the summer and early fall, every Thursday night from 5:30-8:30 pm.  In order to be the best hosts we can, we need help!  Here is how:

Set up:  We need four or five people to arrive early (around 4:30) to greet the vendors and set up tables, chairs, trash cans, and a prayer box.

Clean up: Can’t come early?  Stay late and clean up the tables, chairs, trash, and collect the prayer box. 

Perform:  Last year our church provided some great entertainment!  Let’s do it again this year!  You can sign up your band or group to provide entertainment  this year by going to our website and looking for the food truck court article.  A link for signing up will be provided. 

Welcome others!  At the heart of this event is knowing our community.  This can be as simple as sharing a table with others.  Friendly conversation makes a big difference in someone’s impression of our church and of Christ.  This is a simple and fun way to share God’s love—just by being yourself!

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For more information, contact Laura Wert