Communication Changes Coming

Your Communications Team has been listening to YOU! Due to feedback received during our recent time of transition, the Communications Team is exploring ways to streamline the communications process at HRBC. Be on the lookout for some exciting new communication methods starting this summer. Among the changes to come:

The weekly Encourager (currently distributed in hard copy on Wednesday evenings) is getting a facelift! Renamed The Milepost, we hope to reach more people by sending out a mid-week electronic update. Along with birthdays and prayer requests, The Milepost will also have pertinent announcements for ministry opportunities occurring that week and any last minute changes to previously scheduled events. Copies will still be available on Wednesday evenings to those who do not have internet access, but we hope that by providing a weekly email update more of our members will have easy access to important announcements. 

The Road is also getting an update! This fall we will launch a more streamlined version of our monthly newsletter. In keeping with our purpose statement of “Worshiping, Loving, Growing, Serving in the Name of Jesus Christ,” we hope to use The Road as a means to connect our members with future opportunities to worship, love, grow, and serve. The goal is for the newsletter to be forward-focused, providing members with ample opportunities to connect at HRBC and with our larger community. 

There will be more opportunities to connect online with all of the activity at HRBC! Late this summer we will launch an initiative to sign up all smartphone users with the Church Life app, and ensure that every member is set up properly to receive email communications from HRBC. This will ensure we all stay connected amidst the busy-ness of life! While paper copies of communications will still be available, we hope to transition as many people as possible to electronic-only communications. This will allow the funds previously associated with printing/mailing costs to be used for other critically important ministries at HRBC.

We are developing a streamlined internal and external communications process for HRBC and look forward to sharing more details in the coming months. As we are becoming a more collaborative church, we hope that we can work together to communicate more effectively. 

If you are interested in joining the Communications Team in planning these exciting changes, please talk to staff liaison Matthew Hensley or Team Leader Ashley Huffman as soon as possible!