A Message from Our Pastor

"God at Work”
As July begins, we will celebrate our fourth month of ministry among you at HRBC!  Melanie, Isabella and I have been so blessed through you all.  We are happy to be part of the HRBC family!  I love serving as your pastor and continue to receive confirmation that this is where God wanted us to be.  We look forward to seeing how God is at work in the years to come!
One of the ways that we have seen God at work has been in our family transition from Mechanicsville to Chesterfield.  We put our house on the market after Easter and it sold on the first day!  The new owners didn’t need a fast closing and asked for it to be in July.  This gave us time to search for a house and for Isabella to finish fifth grade at her school.  God at work!
Our search for a new house was not as fast.  We struggled to find a house that would be a good fit for our family.  Finally, we found what we thought was a perfect fit and made an offer.  But so did another buyer and we did not get the contract.  We were so sad!  Time was now starting to be short for a closing to get Isabella enrolled in school here.
We went another three weeks with nothing positive.  Our agent continued to persevere.  And then he learned of a house in the Grove that was going on the market.  When we saw it, it had the same floor plan as the house that we tried to purchase a few weeks earlier.  We prayed in the driveway after seeing it and sensed that this was the one!  We made an offer that day and the next morning (a Sunday) we got the news that the sellers accepted our offer.  I ran down the hall and found Melanie and Isabella before Sunday school and told them the news.  HRBC members joined us in shouting and praising God for this news!  God at work!  
We will close on July 9 and have up to two weeks to move from our current home.  The movers are moving us July 20-22.  The week prior to and the week of our move we ask for your prayers and patience.  I will be taking some time off to direct the movers and to help our family get settled in.  Please be patient with me as we take these next steps in our transition here.  Donna and Darcie in the office will help in any way.  We are so excited about our new church home and our new “home” home.  We are thankful to continually see God at work!  God’s richest blessings, PB