George Wythe's Championship Season Starts Here

Every champion team starts somewhere.  George Wythe’s Boy’s Varsity Basketball State Championship started at Huguenot Road Baptist Church. 

How? Back in September, when sports fans’ minds were on football and students were just beginning a new year of classes, the boys’ and girls’ basketball coaches at Wythe High School and Huguenot High School were loading up their buses and driving their teams to HRBC to participate in The Clinic. 

While both of these schools are city schools, they are also in our backyard.  Knowing that many of their students come from low-income families, Richard Martin, in advance of The Clinic, began to contact these schools’ athletic directors and invite their winter sports teams to the church to complete their sports physicals. 

So on September 20, 2014, many of our medical clinic appointments were filled by aspiring high school athletes, waiting for their chance to become eligible to compete. The students were patient as they waited their turn. The coaches, sensing that their players were contributing to the backlog of patients waiting to be seen, soon were volunteering with our clipboards, escorting students to and from the exam rooms. 

All of these added guests gave some of you the opportunity to meet these players.  Little did any of us know we were assisting the future 3A state champions.  God often works like this.  It’s the little things and simple gestures that can make the biggest difference.  Did HRBC help George Wythe win the state championship? Not really. But did we show interest and care for a school that often is overlooked and underserved? Yes. And maybe being remembered is all the encouragement any of us need.