Exploring our Spiritual Gifts

What an exciting time in our church, as we welcome a new pastor!  What better time could there be to find your place in Christ’s church?  Have you ever wondered where that may be?  After accepting Christ’s invitation to follow him, the question of where you are meant to serve may have left you wondering.  Or perhaps you have been serving in one capacity and find yourself wondering if this is the work God intended for you.  

Spiritual gifts are particular abilities given by Christ through the Holy Spirit for the good of the whole church.  These gifts allow us to effectively do Christ’s work in the world.  We are all given spiritual gifts, but not the same ones.  Do you know what yours are?  Have you wondered if they have changed over time? 

In the coming weeks, we will explore the topic of spiritual gifts.  We will learn what spiritual gifts are and how we receive them.  We will explore what our own gifts are.  Finally, we will consider ways to use the gifts we have received from the Holy Spirit both inside and outside the walls of HRBC, so that we may live in loving service to God in accord with his plan.  

The Spiritual Gifts Team invites you to join us as we explore the spiritual gifts given to us so that together we may share in the ministry of Jesus.  
Deacon and Bible Study Teacher Training:  March 22 at 12:15 in the Family Life Center
Congregational Study: April 19, 26, and May 3.

Don’t miss a session.  As Dr. Larry Gilbert has written: “Teaching a person only what their spiritual gift is without teaching them what a spiritual gift is would be like giving someone a new tool without giving them the operator’s manual. They would never understand it fully nor be able to use it to its maximum potential.”
- The Spiritual Gifts Ministry Team