A Message from the Pastor Search Committee

On March 2, 2015 we will welcome Dr. Robert E. (Bob) Lee, IV as our Senior Pastor.  As chairman of the Pastor Search Committee, I have received articles from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and others that have suggestions on welcoming a new pastor. From these I compiled a list that I think apply specifically to our congregation as we begin a new era  in the life and ministry of HRBC.

Be Patient:

  • He and his family are going through a major transition and will have to make many decisions over the next weeks.
  • Our new pastor and his family will be grieving the loss of many friends from their former church
  • They have many new names to remember. Repeat your name often and mention your roles in the church.

Be Positive:

  • Be confident and enthusiastic about our church. Avoid criticizing things you don’t like.
  • Be complimentary about something specific he says in his sermons or actions you see being taken.

Be Prayerful:

  • Pray for Bob’s church as they go through their transition process.
  • Pray for Bob as he begins a new work with HRBC.
  • Pray for our church staff as they adapt to new leadership.
  • Pray for our lay leadership—deacons, Sunday School teachers and various team leaders and their members.
  • Pray for each other.

Be Proactive:

  • The Transition Report says that we are going to be a “Collaborative Church in Everything We Do”. That means we share equally with staff ministers in carrying out our purpose of Worshiping, Loving, Growing and Serving in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Be an active church member—use your God given gifts and volunteer to participate in church and community activities.
  • God has put us here as part of his mission. Let us unite in spreading the love, the grace and peace of Jesus Christ into our community.


Ray Parker, Chairman
Pastor Search Committee