First Sunday Food Offering: Special Collection of Thanksgiving Food

Oregon Hill Baptist Center is in need of Thanksgiving-like food during the month of November.  Please consider donating the following in your first Sunday food offering bag or anytime through Nov 15:

•    Canned ham (small, non-refrigerated)
•    Gravy (turkey or brown)
•    Boxes of instant stuffing or rice or potatoes
•    Flavored rice
•    Macaroni and cheese
•    Family-sized cans of sweet potatoes or yams
•    Family-sized cans of green beans or corn
•    Cream of mushroom or chicken soup
•    Cans of fried onions
•    Cranberry sauce or apple sauce
•    Muffin mix or cornbread mix
•    Graham cracker pie crust shells in pan
•    Large boxes of instant pudding mix for pies
•    Instant coffee or boxes of tea
•    $10 Kroger gift card