Fall Owsley County Mission

While Chesterfield County students are still enjoying the summer, students in Owsley County, KY have returned to school.  This October 18-25, the Ends-of-the-Earth team will sponsor a mission team who will be returning to work with our partners there, particularly in the areas school tutoring and home improvements. 

Might God be calling you to reflect his love by investing your skill and time in others?  This expression of God’s love may look like tearing up a floor to put down a new one, fixing old windows, working in the elementary school to help children who are lagging behind in reading and math, or bolstering the spirits of those we know who serve there.   

As a reminder, our partnership in Owsley County comes to us through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowships’ Together for Hope initiative— a twenty year commitment to be Christ’s presence in the nation’s twenty poorest rural counties.  In addition to serving Owsley County’s spiritual needs, Together for Hope aims to affect change and break the cycle of economic disparity in each of these counties.  Members of HRBC have gladly assisted in this goal for over five years.  We always want to add to the number of congregants who have served there.  Won’t you join us in helping with this goal? 

The cost for the week is $200 and covers almost all costs.  The needs are many, the jobs vary, but God’s Spirit equips those who are open and willing.  For more information and to sign up by September 30, please contact Matthew Hensley or Mission leader, Terri Shea.