Small Group Discipleship Opportunities - Fall 2014

After a restful summer, when schedules are unpredictable, it has become the practice for many to reset schedules and priorities in the face of a new school and work year. While planning your schedule, don’t leave out time for a growing relationship with our master, Jesus Christ. This year, there will be a variety of opportunities to meet interests and schedules.

 Wednesday Night Discipleship

In addition to children’s and youth activities, which begin at 6:00pm, the following adult discipleship opportunities are available, beginning at 6:15pm:

 Who Do You Say that I Am? A study for women lead by Mollie Greenhill. This study will lead participants to consider the source of their identity – is it what we do, how we dress, where we live, or is it in following Jesus Christ? Through daily scripture reading and journaling, this small group of ladies will weekly share how they are learning who Jesus is, and in turn who they are.

 Parables from the Backside – Stories with a Twist. A study for men. Jesus’ parables were designed to catch hearer’s attention through everyday images and activities. This study will engage these familiar stories through the eyes of a minor or unsympathetic character. Participants might be surprised by this fresh perspective.

 Invitation to the Old Testament. An overview of the Old Testament for men and women. Join group facilitator David Cottrell as this small group dives into the highly respected Disciple material on the Old Testament. An eight week course, this study requires some individual preparation in order to encounter all that the study offers. An in-depth course on the Old Testament is a must for all growing disciples of Christ!

 Baptist Distinctives – What makes Baptists Unique? An overview for men and women. Pastors Layne Smith, Melissa Fallen and Matthew Hensley will lead a study that gives an overview of what has made    Baptist unique over the years and how Baptists theology has focused on freedom of the individual and the local congregation.

 Christmas from the Backside – A Different Look at the Story of Jesus’ Birth. Beginning in mid-November, this group will engage familiar prophecies and stories around Jesus’ birth. A unique way to prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

 Thursday Morning Discipleship

Spiritual Conversations – 1 and 2 Peter. Led by Lynn Lanzillotti, women will study the books of 1 and second Peter. This group meets every Thursday at 9:45 am.

 Saturday Morning Discipleship

Join a group of ladies who will gather on Saturday mornings for Bible study and fellowship.  Led by Beth Parker.

 Women’s Bible Seminars

This fall, during the Sunday morning Bible study hour, the discipleship team will offer an opportunity for women to join a six-week study on a specific book of the Bible. Three seminars will be offered, one on Colossians, one on James, and one focusing on an advent theme. These seminars will allow women to participate in small group discussion based on the scripture for each week. Each seminar will also seek at least one opportunity to participate in a local mission project together, putting learning into practice.

 This seminar style approach allows women from different classes the ease to step out for a short period of time and learn in a different setting, with different participants, all the while maintaining connection to their class. This is also a unique entry into our Sunday Bible Study Groups, for women looking to connect.

 The first seminar will begin Sunday, September 7 and run through Sunday, October 12. If you are interested in participating, please register with Matthew Hensley.