Missions Co-Op

From September 17-20, adults from across the state will descend on our city to learn about and participate in sharing Christ’s love with our community. Directed by the Virginia Baptist Mission Board and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia, Huguenot Road is one of the sponsoring churches for this special week of mission learning and service.

 Mission Co-Op Richmond is an adult mission event focusing on sharing Christ’s love by meeting the Hunger, Home (Construction), and Health needs of people in the Richmond area. Participants will choose a mission track and serve daily in various local ministries. Participants will worship together daily and focus on how we can identify mission opportunities and create new ministries at home. Our Clinic will benefit from this mission event as we hope to teach and train participants to assist.

 Often during the year, HRBC blesses our children and youth as they depart to deepen their faith and learn how to share God’s love. Now, there is a great opportunity for adults, in our own neighborhood. The Judea team wants you to consider participating this fall. Please contact Matthew Hensley for more information.