Recommendation from Church Council

The Church Council, at their meeting, Tuesday, July 15, 2014, voted to recommend to the church (at the July 27 quarterly congregational meeting) the following:

That Huguenot Road Baptist Church move from two Sunday morning worship services to one worship service.

Since time is of the essence and congregational discussion and consideration is critical, the Church Council has asked all adult S.S. teachers to invest a portion of your teaching hour (at least one of two Sundays, the 20th and 27th) discussing this recommendation. The Council believes it important to address this issue PRIOR to welcoming a new pastor.  Please have someone jot down important points of the discussion and return it to the Sunday School office.

NOTE:  For those who do not attend S.S. or teach in the children/youth S.S. departments, the Church Council will offer a time for the recommendation to be discussed (5:00 pm immediately prior to the July 27th meeting in the Happy Clay S.S. classroom #122-123).

PLEASE:  Please discuss ONLY the following question!

Where do you think God is leading us in worship – one service or two services? – 

Not what are my desires?, what works best for me?, what do I like?, etc.  Not on the how we get there?, what time will the service be held?, and what will it look like? questions.  The content and timing of the service will be recommended later by a task force appointed for this specific purpose.  Keep the focus on our purpose statement: Worshiping, Loving, Growing, Serving in the name of Jesus Christ.

 Among other things, the Church Council considered the following in offering this recommendation.  Benefits of one service include:

· Everyone worships together

· Everyone gets to know one another better in the church

· The sanctuary size easily accommodates a single service

· The volunteers needed to staff/lead one service is manageable

· The energy of our congregation is better used

· Being one body is given higher priority than getting “our way”

· We can focus all our resources on one, quality worship experience


 Prayerfully, Your Church Council