Heritage Day Offering

At the last Congregational Meeting we adopted a Heritage Goal of $20,000 to upgrade the playground facility.  Any monies received in excess of the $20,000 will go to the It's Time campaign.  Every preschool activity that the church provides uses the playground -- CDC, ETC, Sunday School, Wednesday night choir/missions.  On any given day, you can find neighborhood families enjoying our play space -- being a good neighbor includes being conscious of safety and appearance.  HRBC families want to know that their children are safe, no matter what activity they're involved in. Prospective CDC families always visit the playground as part of the tour process.  The playground upgrade will provide for site work including: a)Removing the fence for access by machinery, moving some existing playground equipment, moving existing mulch and sand, and providing additional mulch and sand as needed, and reinstalling the fence; b)Replacement of worn and broken playground equipment, some of which poses safety issues; c)Purchase, shipping and installation of new playground equipment; d)Reinstalling existing playground equipment such as the fire truck and spring riders. We need to make sure the space is always safe and inviting to anyone who sees it. 

You can give online here by selecting the "Heritage Day" fund.