HRBC Pastor Search Committee Nominee Suggestions

The Deacons of Huguenot Road Baptist Church are beginning the process of nominating a Pastor Search Committee (PSC) by asking for nominee suggestions from HRBC members.


  1. Members of Huguenot Road Baptist Church please identify up to five (5) members you would recommend to serve on the Pastor Search Committee. 
  2. Return nominee suggestions to the church office or e-mail to by May 4, 2014.

HRBC Personnel Manual regarding the Pastor Search Committee:

Pastor – The call of the Pastor will be a matter of congregational decision.  The Diaconate will nominate to the church the membership of a Pastor Search Committee.  This committee will be no less than nine (9) members who are representative of the church body.  Membership of the Pastor Search Committee will require a majority vote at a church business meeting.  The Pastor Search Committee is given the responsibility by the church to review the qualifications of the individual under consideration, and to make a recommendation to the church of the person whom the Holy Spirit seems to indicate.

Some Considerations for PSC Nominee Suggestions:

  • One who is committed to the goals and purposes of Huguenot Road Baptist Church and who will actively support those goals and purposes.
  • A person who is led by God's Spirit, depends upon the Spirit for guidance, and is willing to be led by the Spirit through the PSC process.
  • A member of HRBC who will consider the needs of a diverse congregation in recommending a candidate for Senior Pastor.
  • To sum it up, someone you believe to be a trusted, respected, prayerful, spiritually wise, a regular attendee, able to speak for groups within the church (not representatives, but representative), and willing to listen to all perspectives (without an “axe to grind”).