Report from Transition Team in Response to the "Purpose" Statement Listening Sessions

The Transition Team has hosted numerous listening sessions during the Sunday School hour as well as at other times in order to enable as many of the congregation to participate as possible.  We thank you for your willingness to engage in this process that moves us towards the future that God has in store for Huguenot Road Baptist Church. In each of the sessions we had a note taker to keep a record of the discussion so that we prayerfully could begin discovering major themes that might emerge from these conversations.

 We have pages and pages of notes taken during these listening events.  Below are the major themes that have emerged from your input. On Sunday, February 23, we will provide a handout with these seven themes including additional information that will better explain and illuminate them. The themes are as follows:

  •  If we focus on spiritual growth, numerical growth will follow.
  • We need to start by connecting within the congregation, before can expect to connect to our community and the world.
  • We need to all listen to God’s opportunities for us to serve.
  • We need to become less internally-focused, and more God-focused.
  • We must be willing to risk it.
  • It is important to grow our impact as a church.
  • The purpose statement should focus on who we are, and not how we plan on getting there.

 Based on and in response to the listening sessions and the themes outlined above, we have changed the proposed purpose statement as follows:


As mentioned above, this change is based on and in response to the well-attended listening sessions. This coming Sunday, February 23, we will provide copies of the purpose statement including bullet points under each of the verbs which will explain, in further detail, what is included in “worshiping, loving, growing, and serving.” We also have included biblical texts to undergird all of this work.

To help us in our continued work, we have also put together a survey that we invite you to complete. Please click on this link and allow 20-30 minutes to complete the survey! Thanks for your participation!