The Clinic

The Clinic

At the printing of the October Road, a special buzz was about the building as activity and preparation for the clinic was ramping up.  This was the first year The Clinic was held in our new building, and even as preparations were being made, the difference was noticed. 

“This is the first year we have had adequate space for home goods!” remarked one volunteer. 

In addition to extra space, the Judea team could confidently place all medical exams upstairs, knowing that everyone could access the medical team on our new elevator. 

For a second year, members from Central Baptist Church joined with our congregation to minister at The Clinic.  The hope remains that the two congregations will soon be able to offer The Clinic twice a year—with each church hosting once. 

Special thanks is extended to all who volunteered to set up during the week, gave items for our neighbors, and volunteered to serve during The Clinic.  You were a blessing to our neighbors.  And, they were a blessing to our church, too!