Food Trucks and . . . Fall Festival?!?

fall no. 2.jpg

Have you heard about all the new connections we’ve made in our community through the weekly Food Truck Court? Did you know the vendors really like our location — a LOT?! Because of the relationships we’ve built with the vendors and the folks who’ve joined us this summer, we’ve decided to capitalize on a suggestion from the vendors themselves: If you have a fall event, can we be part of it? We thought: Since folks are already coming, why not make some more connections???

Join us from 5:30 pm-8:00 pm, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, as we host the Food Truck Court AND Fall Festival. Booths and games will be in the courtyard, like we’ve had before, so we’ll need YOUR help staffing those and welcoming our neighbors.  You can also help by inviting your own friends and neighbors to join the fun, too — it’s a great way for us to get to know each other!

If you need more information about how to be involved, you can contact Cindy Burton (378-1916) or Amanda Lott (272-2072).  Hope to see you there!