A Summer to Remember

This past summer proved to be one of the best ones we’ve ever had in the College Age Ministries. The summer started off with our almost weekly Bible Study called “Jesus in Genesis”. Students dug into the first book of the Bible to look for examples of God’s redemptive work already at work. They dug into the culture of the Israelites to look for the foreshadowing of a coming savior. We had a record crowd for our college retreat at the home of the Withers in late June, which continued the study.  Students also dug into the basics of the Christian faith on Sunday mornings. They examined how these basics impacted every part of their lives. This summer saw some college students helping to lead a youth movie night. It saw college students begin to form their own community and experience life together outside of the church walls. Our summer concluded with a fun night at the church playing games with twenty three students. This was easily the best summer in the existence of the ministry and we are looking forward to picking up the momentum when students are home for Christmas break!