A Message from Our Interim Pastor

Life and ministry are happening here at HRBC!  By the time most of you receive this, The Clinic will be history!  However, as I write this, the building is buzzing with preparation for this significant ministry!  Like an iceberg, the day of The Clinic is only the “tip” of what happens.  Hours and hours of planning and preparation go into this massive event.  But The Clinic itself is only the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of ALL that is going on here.  I want to highlight four things that I believe are important for you to consider:

Prayers, Patience and Help—Your pastors want and need both your patience and your help.  With Melissa’s resignation, all the pastors and support staff are picking up some of the pieces of Melissa’s work at least for the time being.  No doubt there will be things that we miss that will “fall through the cracks.”  We value your prayers, your patience, and your help as we attempt to find our way through these changing days.

New Member/Prospect Lunch—On Sunday, October 26, immediately following the 11:15 worship service, the pastors will host a luncheon in the MPR 1 for those who have joined in the past year, as well as prospective members.  This is a great time of   fellowship and community building.  If you know prospective members who need to be invited, let me know! The more the merrier!

Fall Festival—Thursday, October 30, 5:30—8:00 pm—This is Food Truck Night as well, which means that this will provide a new opportunity for outreach.  Begin inviting friends and neighbors.  We have a wonderful opportunity to reach out to new and old friends through this event.  It’s going to be grand fun.  Make plans to participate!

40 Days of Discernment– Spiritual discernment is a way of life, not merely a program of the church.  There’s still time to join in if you haven’t done so already.  Personal discernment guides are available through the church office as well as the church website.  Sunday School classes will be involved in spiritual discernment exercises. See other parts of newsletter for more information regarding opportunities to experience this sacred journey.

These are just a few ways that you can begin living out HRBC’s purpose of Worshiping, Loving, Growing, Serving in the Name of Jesus Christ.—Layne