Promotion Sunday

Promotion Sunday, the Sunday that marks the promotion of all children and youth in age specific Sunday Bible Study classes, will take place this Sunday in September – September 8. When you arrive at church on September 8, please go to your new classroom. There will be plenty of guidance from volunteers to make this transition smooth.

While this primarily affects children and youth, it is still an appropriate milestone in all Bible Study classes. On this Sunday, some classes will see a change in teachers. If you haven’t already, please let your teacher or your child’s teacher know you appreciate the work they put into a class environment that encourages appropriate learning and fellowship.

This Sunday also allows for adult classes to review the journey they have been on for the past year. What have we learned? How do we know we have learned? How have we cared for one another? How have we reached out to our community in Christ’s name? How have we encouraged and interacted with guests? All of these are appropriate and important questions to ask and review.

Likewise, this Sunday offers a chance to pray and plan for the coming year. How can we improve upon what we are already doing? What new things is God calling us to do? How can we stay connected to the vision and mission of HRBC? How can we invite and welcome guests into the life of the class and church?

Finally, Sunday Morning Bible Study is one of our primary points of connection, growth, and transformation. If you are without a Sunday morning class, you are missing out on an important opportunity to know and be known by fellow Christians on the journey of faith. Promotion Sunday is a great time to visit one of 17 adult classes. You are certain to find a warm welcome!