December Pastor News


You chose the Transition Team wisely!  They are working prayerfully, carefully, and as rapidly as possible, usually meeting immediately following the traditional Sunday worship service.  As I write this, the team is finalizing plans for the first congregational event to be held Tuesday, November 24, 6:00 pm, as a part of the annual potluck meal and Thanksgiving service.  I want to encourage you to attend if at all possible.  The success of these events (and the whole transition process) depends on your willingness to be involved in these events.

Yes, it will be a time of Thanksgiving as we give thanks to God for the ways that HRBC has grown and been an important part of God’s Kingdom work.  It is only when we can give thanks for the rich history of this great church that we can begin to prepare for the future God has in store for you.  This movement is so typical of what we read in Scripture.  The Hebrew people, over and over again, anticipated the future filled with the things and purpose of God because of God’s faithfulness in leading them out of Egypt.  The remembering and giving thanks is critical.  I hope you will join in and take part.

Then, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, we head directly into Advent.  Our theme for Advent 2013 is “Bethlehem: House of Bread.”  Advent always is such a rich, rich time.  I look forward to seeing you in worship.