Advent Devotion

Friends, family, and even people I do not know prayed for me as I recently went through a big surgery.  They took their time to pray, to pour their love and support for me.  I felt it then and I am still feeling it now!


It was 5:30 am. Oct.10th, when my wife, JaHee, my daughter, Jae-K, and I arrived at CJW Surgery Center. There were already Pastor Bob and Phillip waiting for us at the hospital.  We welcomed each other with warm greetings and Bob shared His words of “our Lord answers you and grants all your requests” from Psalm 20. Then Philip and Bob prayed for my imminent surgery.


A nurse took me to the operating room for Robotic Prostatectomy Surgery:

A few weeks earlier, I was diagnosed having an early stage prostate cancer, which a biopsy confirmed.  After serious considerations with family discussions, I decided to get the surgery over radiation treatment.  This was the day I waited for since then.


I cannot imagine what my family went through to endure those three hours of waiting, anxiety, and fear.  Later my wife recounted to me that an Indian lady approached her, witnessed our time of prayer with Philip and Bob, said, “it was a beautiful moment to watch!”  Likewise, “God saw that it was very good” (Genesis 1:31).


After the surgery, I met my family in the recovery room, having Facetime with my son, Jae, from California; thank God for technology!  My family asked how I felt, I answered, “very peaceful and hungry!”  My family was in disbelief but relieved at the same time.

I had an overwhelming sense of peace, God’s love. I had so much support and prayers from friends/family through chat rooms, texts, and personal visits; leading up to the moment of surgery and beyond.


Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus, do you realize what you say/do today impacts people around you and their journey with Jesus?


One Man’s righteousness brought salvation/everlasting love to those who believe: Romans 5:20.


Jesus’ love lives on today in me and will live forever!


Chung Kwon