Advent Devotion

"LOVE gives freely and joyfully. Because God gives, we also give" Pastor Bob’s Key thought for his message on December 6, 2015.


The birth of a baby is a big deal! Especially for the HRBC family! It’s one of many occasions in which we come together to show Christ’s love by giving. We are blessed with an amazing Children’s Minister who oversees our wonderful Children’s Ministry. We have baby dedications twice a year (around Christmas and Mother’s Day) with more gifts for the child. And let’s not forget the loving teachers in the Baby Room! Seriously, my friends, we are BLESSED!


When Mike and I found out that we were expecting Matthew, we were overwhelmed by the joyous support from our church family. A crib and lots of toys from one family, a set of dressers from another, lots of clothes, toys, and books from others. The ladies in our Sunday School Class helped convert our storage room into a bedroom so that Tommy could have his own room. After Matthew arrived, you showed love to us with visits, cards, prayers, and a casserole or two.


While we were expecting Joseph, Mike and I made the decision to switch from a hospital birth to a homebirth with a midwife. I was nervous about the change, but my church family helped keep me focused on God’s word. My Wednesday Night Small Group listened to my ramblings, wrote encouraging notes to me, and gave me scripture on which to meditate. As One and Chancel Choir covered me in prayer and lots of hugs. As my due date approached, I was sitting in a chair by the porte-cochere and felt at peace. I felt the Lord’s love wash over my soul and felt the love of everyone who was praying for us.


"Like the Magi who worshipped Jesus, you gave joyfully. You gave us meaningful gifts with meaningful impact. Your gifts had personal, spiritual and practical impact." (modified Sermon notes 12/6/15) You, my church family, are an awesome vessel of Christ’s love.


Merry Christmas!


Katie Zolnai