Advent Devotion - 12/31/16

“The Gift of God”


Family traditions are such an integral part of the Christmas season for many families. Once we became parents we wanted to establish traditions as well.  We wanted to be sure to emphasize the importance of celebrating the birth of Jesus and keeping forefront on our minds that God gave us the ultimate gift in his son Jesus so that we can have eternal life: “The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23.”

 We thought that a good way to do this was to let Isabella be involved in doing something for someone less fortunate.  Since she was little, we have tried to teach her that giving is a way we can show God’s love to others.  One way she can do this is by participating in Operation Christmas Child each year.  This is a ministry of Franklin Graham and has made a huge impact on millions of children around the world that may have never had an opportunity to hear about God’s love for them in addition to having a shoebox of gifts to open at Christmas.

 We have always done this as a family but thought she could also do her own box because this would make more of an impact on her.  She gets so excited to go to the store to select gifts and hygiene items for a little girl.  It’s so precious to see her carefully select items that she feels will make this child happy.  She puts a lot of thought into each item and always wants to fill the box up so there is not even one ounce of space left. It’s also exciting to hear about what country her box was delivered to and to see photos and learn some history of that area.

 Maybe you have some traditions in your family to help keep the focus on Jesus during the Christmas season.  If not, maybe you can start something new.  We can never out give God but we sure can try!

 “Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

  Melanie Lee