Advent Devotion - 12/26/16

Devotion is some value we respect in newlyweds and our elders. It's something we long to see and admire when our parents exhibit it. And, it's hard to maintain in today's world. Not just in my marriage, but also to my God.  I don't remember when it became hard, or truly just harder to do.  It's not my wife's fault, it's not God's either (yes, these both go without saying).

Devotion takes intentions, disciplines, goals, perseverance, commitments, flexibility, consistency, and love, I think. The greatest gift God gave us yesterday (Christ's Birthday, so long ago), and today, and tomorrow is just one many-faceted sign of God's devotion to you and me.

I think of the Tom and Cecile Millers of my life and think of evidence of their devotion.  I think of my parents and the repeated and renewed efforts they make to show their devotion to each other and God amidst differences of opinion, challenging economies, transitions of vocation, interstate moves, children born with physical challenges, temptations of technology and busyness that threaten to take their time and attention from their commitments and purposes, and tests of their health. I also see it between my aunt with cancer and my uncle. But in all of these I get encouragement and inspiration from the ways they repeat their devotion to God and each other.

Do you see devotion around you?

Intend today to see an example each of God's devotion to you, of someone else's devotion, and also of your devotion. I will join you in this activity today.

  Craig Lott